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              1800 046 240
            to contact our Paddington Store
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            • New Children's Picture Books

            Hello Lighthouse

            Blackall Sophie

            A Stack of Alpacas

            Cosgrove Matt

            Kookaburra Kookaburra

            Farmer Bridget

            Sleep Tight, Platypup

            Treml Renee

            • New Young Adult Fiction

            King of Scars

            Bardugo Leigh

            Nowhere on Earth

            Lake Nick

            Two Can Keep a Secret

            McManus Karen M

            The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm

            Paolini Christopher

            On the Come Up

            Thomas Angie

            • New Australian Fiction

            The Year of the Beast

            Carroll Steven

            A Season on Earth

            Murnane Gerald


            Richards Kate

            The Rosie Result

            Simsion Graeme

            • New International Fiction


            Lanchester John

            The Friend

            Nunez Sigrid

            Freedom Artist

            Okri Ben

            At The Wolf's Table

            Postorino Rosella

            • New Crime Fiction

            Half Moon Lake

            Alexander Kirsten

            The New Iberia Blues

            Burke James Lee

            The Hunting Party

            Foley Lucy

            Widows Revenge

            La Plante Linda

            Bye Bye Baby

            McIntosh Fiona

            • New Sci-Fi and Fantasy
            • New Biography and Memoir

            Say Hello

            Findlay Carly


            Obama Michelle

            We Are Displaced

            Yousafzai Malala

            • New Australian History
            • New History

            Mutiny on the Bounty

            FitzSimons Peter

            New Jerusalem

            Ham Paul

            Written in History

            Sebag Montefiore Simon

            • New Poetry

            The Flame

            Cohen Leonard

            The River in the Sky

            James Clive

            An Open Book

            Malouf David

            Shakespeare's Sonnets, Retold

            Shakespeare William

            • New Film Performance and Music
            • New Photography and Fashion
            • New Art and Design

            Secret Lives of Colour

            St Clair Kassia

            A Painted Landscape

            Bell Amber Creswell

            Tony Tuckson

            Mimmocchi Denise


            Bardon Geoffrey

            • New Architecture and Interior Design


            Scott, Zack

            Urban Sanctuary

            Anna Johnson and Richard

            The Terrace House

            Cameron Bruhn and Katelin

            Alchemy of Things

            McCartney Karen

            Maison : Parisian Chic at Home

            Ines de la Fressange

            • New Gardening

            Garden Love

            Griffiths Simon

            Gardens on the Edge

            Reid Christine

            Australian Dreamscapes

            Takacs Claire

            The Tree

            Woldendorp Richard

            • New Cookbooks

            The Cook's Apprentice

            Alexander Stephanie

            Special Guest

            Crabb Annabel

            Jamie Cooks Italy

            Oliver Jamie


            Ottolenghi Yotam